What the Hell Is Halal?

What Is Halal

What Is Halal

Halal is Arabic for lawful or legal. Halal constitutes anything that is permissible according to Islamic Law. That which is not halal is called “Haraam” (forbidden). There are many, many things that Islamic law forbids. The most common thing that halal refers to is food — specifically meat.

There is a lot of Haraam mixed-up with halal in regard to what a Muslim can or cannot eat.

Anything with regard to pork is Haraam (forbidden) for Muslims. There is no such thing as a halal BLT. This also means that they cannot eat pork, touch pork or eat or touch anything that has come into contact with pork. Even live pigs are strictly forbidden.

Muslims have no sense of humor when it comes to pigs (and many other things as well), so if you don’t want a mega-Mosque built near your property, start a pig farm or get a teapot-pig companion animal.

Other meats are permissible however, as long as they are prepared according to stringent halal rules.

Muslims can only eat meat that has been slaughtered according to a procedure called “dhabiha.” This means that the living, breathing animal (a cow, for instance) is hung upside down and its throat is slit with a sharp knife. The animal then hangs there until it bleeds to death.

This procedure is controversial in part because generally the cow is not stunned or numbed before the cut. Since cows, like humans, are sentient creatures, this means that they feel a significant amount of pain before they die.

Muslims are not allowed to consume blood, so this is why the cow must be thoroughly drained before being butchered.

The other significant non-negotiable requirement for meat to be labeled halal is that an Islamist prayer must be recited as the animal is dying.

This prayer, the “shahada” or Muslim statement of faith, is very specific: “There is no god but Allah and Muhammed is his messenger.”

When a Muslim says that “there is no god but Allah” he or she really means, “there is no god but Allah.”

Thus, the method of slaughter and the accompanying prayer that make the meat halal are in compliance with Islamic Sharia Law.

Muslims are allowed to eat chicken as long as it is certified halal. It is even permissible to eat halal-certified southern-fried chicken. This puzzles me because part of the point of halal food is that it is “cleaner” for the Muslim. “Southern-fried” anything, as delicious as it is, can choke off arteries in a heartbeat.

Muslims cannot eat anything that is considered “contaminated” by non-halal meat by-products or other certain substances.

For instance, there is no way to make any alcoholic beverage halal. That is because all alcoholic beverages and other intoxicants are haraam per the Quran and Islamic Sharia Law.

So if you try to give a Muslim a fruitcake soaked in rum for Christmas, they will not eat it. But of course, there is no Christmas for Muslims either, so why even bother?

Because of their strict dietary rules, Muslims have to be careful when they eat out in a restaurant. A bacon cheeseburger or an order of fries cooked in bacon grease cannot be ordered.

Now if it were up to me, Muslims who want specially-prepared halal certified food can choose to either eat at home or open their own dadgum pig-free restaurants.

But halal is Big Bizness (which translates into big $$$$$), so many major western food chains have introduced halal foods into their menus.

Dearborn, Michigan, right here in the good old US of A, has one of the largest Muslim and Arab populations in the country. In Dearborn, McDonald’s Corporation has introduced halal Chicken McNuggets to many of its franchises.

In the United Kingdom, Kentucky Fried Chicken has opened many halal food joints.

In New York City there are halal fast-food carts popping up on corners everywhere.

In Stockton, CA, the “Islamic Meat & Poultry Company” was founded in 1986. This halal-only company follows the principles of slaughtering and meat-processing according to the Islamic Sharia Law. The prayer to Allah, the “only god,” is also included.

So BFD someone may say…let the Muslims have their halal.

The problem is that by allowing our country to transmogrify into the United States of Political Correctness, we are also allowing Islamic Sharia Law to creep into our daily lives.

The mission of all Muslims, per the Quran, is to impose Sharia Law upon the whole world. By infesting our food chain with halal meats that are not always LABELLED AS SUCH in supermarket chains, the Sharia creep gets its foot in the door and accomplishes its “dawa” (mission) on unsuspecting Infidels.

An intriguing question that I have heard asked recently is, “Should Christians eat halal food?”

Now…there are all kinds of Christians, but if a person is a Christian who truly believes in the Judeo-Christian God who sent Jesus Christ his son to earth to redeem sinners, then eating halal meat could be considered as blasphemy.

Since the blessing over halal-certified foods invokes Allah, the ONLY god, whose ONLY messenger is Muhammed, there is absolutely no room for Jesus in that picture.

It is up to the individual to decide — food or freedom?


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