Creations belong only to the Creator, we have no right to kill to satisfy our lusty and greedy taste buds.

The below post is a little long, and is on animals, consumed as food. If you are a non vegetarian and have any guts to face the truth narrated below, then read it through. I challenge the meat eaters!

Humans have been blessed with higher intelligence compared to animals, and this is what sets us apart from them. We have the ability to think, to reason out and make an informed decision. In some areas like when faced with danger, we operate on instinct but in most other matters, we know how to behave. This is why we are social beings. We answer nature's call in a secluded toilet and we perform sex also within closed walls. Similar logic is applied on food choices also.

In matters of food, we do not operate on instinct but choose our food. That's why there are those who crave for meat daily while there are those also, who cannot stand meat. A lion will only relish meat but a deer will eat only grass. Either of them cannot change their food habits because they have been programmed by nature for the food chain to operate accordingly. We humans do not fall in that food chain as we have the ability to grow our own food in the form of crops. So, the stupid logic that humans are in the food chain falls flat and is just a misguided nonsense fed to us in schools.

Animals feel pain, they feel emotions; perhaps not the way we humans do but they have a well placed nervous system and so pain and pleasure is appreciated by them. Many discuss over the way an animal should be killed- humane way or slow bleeding them to death. There is no humane way of killing an animal! If a human was put under sedation and then killed for food or whatever reason, does that become humane and justified, specially if it is done to satisfy the taste buds? No. Killing is killing, no matter how it is carried out. There is no justification for that.

Animal love is not selective and cannot be hypocritical. A dog or cat owner, if relishes chicken/beef/mutton cannot be considered as animal lover but just a hypocrite. Does a chicken, goat or cow not feel pain like a dog does? Why this bias? All animals have the same pain sensation and understand when they are being killed. Their last emotions release certain hormones, which remain in their body, get consumed by the human system also. Just because meat is available nicely wrapped and packed in stores, does not mean that the animal didn't go through torture and willingly offered its life! You can choose to ignore but truth remains never the less, that you are equally guilty party to animal cruelty.

As far as comparison with plants is concerned, the basic difference between plants and animals is that plants grow back after being cut and if not consumed will anyways get rotten. Plants do not have a nervous system in place with rare exceptions of few plants which appreciate pain. I am sure that we do not consume those plants. Animals are beings with higher consciousness and feel extreme pain when killed, just like humans feel when killed. No human has the power to 'grow' animals but we can cultivate crops and plants. So, don't start the nonsense with me that plants also feel pain! That is the most ridiculous logic I get from meat eaters who want to justify anyhow their cravings!
Creations belong only to the Creator, we have no right to kill to satisfy our lusty and greedy taste buds. Love animals

Above all, the food that we consume also dictates our nature. We are what we eat. As the consciousness gets higher, one will get the realization that all beings are creations of the Creator and belong only to the Creator; we have no right to kill it to satisfy our lusty and greedy taste buds. If we cannot resurrect a dead animal, then what right do we have to put it to death?

The choice is always ours. To either be truly humane or behave like higher animals who kill lower animals for food. I have chosen to be a human.

~  Sofiya Rangwala